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Work for Strong and Healthy; Beauty in Strength...

So here's the thing...chicken, fish, and broccoli alone are not going to get your belly flat or your booty lifted. Nor will they keep them that way!


Yes, eating clean is an essential component to that transformation and the maintenance of your new bod; however, there is another essential component that needs to be incorporated to improve your health and transform your body...




I know some of you are concerned about "bulking up" or are just frankly intimidated by what to do with the weights, or how to lift properly.


The truth is that weight lifting is a powerhouse! Strength Training helps you:


-light your metabolism on fire so you become a calorie incinerating machine

-sculpt your body from head to toe

-cinch your waist and lift that good old booty we were just talking about

-strengthen your bones; increasing bone density


So ladies (and gents) you should be hitting the weights on a regular basis. Don't be intimidated. Let me help you get started. Let's hit the gym and start that life transformation you have been putting off for way too long. It does not need to be intimidating...I will walk side by side with you until you are comfortable in your new habit of becoming more fabulous than you already are! #beautyinstrength #strongissexy #workingforstrong #healthybodyhealthymind #investinyou #transformation #ptsuzannekemp #personaltrainer #suzannekemp #doitforyou #bestrong #nofear #takecontrol #longevity #mettle #moxie #move

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