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Turn Them OFF...Build Your Fire...

It is time to dream, conquer my fears, and do the work.  I need to stay focused and I know I will accomplish anything I put my mind to.

How are your thoughts; what is your inner voice telling you?  Do you lie to yourself and say "I can't do that".

Change your conversation... ask yourself "How can I do that? What needs to happen?"

People will tell you "you can't" or "you shouldn't" but you need to shut down those voices.  Do NOT entertain them for a moment.  Don't give in to their desires or their needs to keep you in a box you were never intended to occupy.


Sometimes it is the ones we love most, but you must resist.  Don't allow anyone to diminish who you are, what you want, what you need.  Those are things only you yourself can define.

It can be a scary place, when you start to recognize how stagnant your life has become.  We let that fear, that unhealthy comfort zone, stop any hope of progress to new and greater levels of ourselves.

That comfort zone may feel safe but if you remain there your light will dim, and it will destroy the joy, the goodness, and the untapped abilities you have inside of you. 

Do NOT let the voices of others, the opinions of others, the judgments of others suffocate you.  Dig down deep and resist.  Resist those who are holding you back or placing doubt inside your head.

So many live in fear, ignoring their heart's cry to grow and change and conquer!  Don't let anything or anyone hold you back.  

Turn OFF the volume on those trying to keep you from becoming your best self.  Don't be afraid, be courageous, live strong and keep out the toxic, negative opinions of others.

Keep shining and turn up the fire!

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