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"Summer Body" vs "Lifetime Body"

It's already starting...the relentless mantras of "my summer body is in progress"/"working on my summer body"...

Well what do you do with your body during the other three seasons? It is ludicrous to think you are living a healthy, balanced lifestyle if you have to go on a crash diet/hardcore workout regimen every spring, in hopes of "getting my summer body back".

Why not just work on your body and your mind all four seasons? Keep them healthy and functioning at their best all the time. Feeling healthy, energetic, focused, and strong every day, not just when the weather turns hot and your bikini or swim trunks start beckoning.

It is NOT difficult. You just have to decide to do it and follow through. There is a very limited amount of excuses when it comes to why you are not moving your body or eating healthy.

Yes, it is hard at first but once you have your momentum moving forward it gets easier every day. Do it for you! Do it for your comfort, your happiness, your confidence, your HEALTH, your focus, and all the other side effects that you will receive from living this lifestyle.

Don't know where to start? Call me, text me. Let's get you started on a whole well-being program... Make up your mind to be the person YOU want to be. The healthy person, the energetic person, the strong person, the excited-about-life person. Moving your body more and eating healthy 365 days each year...this is where we begin. #ptwithSuzanne #SuzanneKemp #healthybodyhealthymind #strongissexy #lovetolift #lovetohit #HIITliftpunch #mettle #moxie #momentum #transformation #relentless

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