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What is one of the best remedies to sore muscles from working out???

MOVE! Go BACK to the gym and workout more. Seriously friends, if you are sore (good sore, not injured sore) from a tough workout, the best thing you can do is MOVE!!! Don't overdue and never forget to rest your body, but if you are sitting in your chair not moving thinking that will help you will get STIFF and even more sore. So.... MOVE! If you don't want to go to the gym or workout in your house, just take a walk, go to the mall (on Black Friday you might even get a good boxing workout🥊 - ha!), bundle up and take a walk around your neighborhood. Whatever you want, just don't sit... #loveyourbody #ptwithSuzanne #suzannekemp #healthybodyhealthymind #move #nevertolatetostart

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