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Smoke & Mirrors...

The assumptions and understandings that OTHER people come to believe and impose upon the circumstances, situations, and sometimes rumors in your life are the spiderwebs that we can get lost in or hurt by the most. Ultimately it's not what others impose on our lives but what we know of ourselves, our integrity, our character that should rise to the top and drive our lives.


There will always be doubters, even some who you believed were your foundations, where you gained strength, guidance, encouragement. That's why we must look inside ourselves and know ourselves. My confidence, determination, and my integrity are my gatekeepers. The fact that others question those or my character with misguided beliefs or untruths is something that I have to leave outside that gate.


My road has taken me to some very dark places these past few years and there are people even today that I feel pushing me back there. That is not a place I will ever return to and the strength it takes some days to fight the battles of what people think of me or believe of me or the words I say is monumental. But the strength is there, sometimes with tears, but it gets me through. I know the battles will never end. People judge, believe things that they know nothing of, accept what they do not understand, it's what people do.


But don't let others ever trap you so much that you let your hopes and dreams and goals fade into smoke and mirrors. My strength was forged from within and the doubts and untruths and weaknesses of others trying to stifle my way forward and upward are not going to undermine the place where my heart and soul lives now.


It can be very lonely sometimes but don't let that stifle you; use it to audaciously take that step forward, that step THROUGH whatever, or whomever is pulling you down.


I cannot quit, you CANNOT quit... Do not give up; do not lose hope -

Hopes and Dreams…….they ARE more than smoke and mirrors, they are the air that we breathe... even on the days you are walking your path completely alone.

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