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Shatter Your Excuses...

It's the first full week of the new year; how are your workouts going? How is your nutrition going? How is your morning or evening journaling going? How is your reading time going? It's only day 6, DO NOT give up. So many people just give up because they "don't feel like it", "it's too hard", or better yet: "they can't find the time".

Do you hear yourself saying any of these, or maybe another excuse? There are 168 hours in a week. Why do you not have time? Really, dump the crap excuses and dig deep into yourself, face the challenge and run towards it as fast as you can.

CONFESSION TIME...okay this was really hard for me to admit to myself. I had to dig deep, tear it out, and display it so I had to face it head on. I have been soft. Yes, soft...doing some things half-assed, complaining when things got uncomfortable or challenging. Just soft. I'm done with that now. I'm done being mediocre, I'm done comparing my journey, my goals, my life, my body, my decisions to anyone else's. I'm also done with my excuses.

This isn't easy but I am recognizing my weaknesses more and more which allows me to call myself on them and adjust. I'm looking at my weaknesses as challenges, and they will not beat me, not anymore... So let's harden ourselves and stop allowing excuses to win. Place them in front of you and shatter them with the truth that you are, you can, and you will. #nomoreexcuses #dohardthings #confession #strongereveryday #healthybodyhealthymind #ptwithSuzanne #mettle #moxie #girlswholift #girlswhohit #HIITliftpunch #SuzanneKemp #strongissexy

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