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Sacrifices for You and I...

As we gather together with family and friends this holiday season my thoughts go out to those who are away from their loved ones serving our country and communities all over the world. I have such a full heart, deep respect, and sense of awe for these men and women who have chosen to protect the freedoms, comforts, and lifestyles of those of us sitting with our family and friends celebrating this and every other holiday each year.

The cost of freedom is great. The cost of comfort is great. We would all do well to contemplate this more earnestly and passionately as we gather together for all of our meals and celebrations throughout the year.

Our military, our first responders, our doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, so many others... Sacrificing their time, time with their families, time with their friends, to make sure the rest of us are free and safe and comfortable.

Don't let this or any other day pass without the gratitude and awe due them fill your heart and then process to your mind.

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