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I'm on one today friends! Sometimes you have to get sick of your own B.S. before you can get off your rear and LEVEL UP! My Blog has gone to the wayside these past couple of months as my work and family life have been busy, busy, busy...but it's a new month and I'm ready to ramp this up and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. What's been on my mind and heart these past 24 hours is MINDSET, STRATEGY, and GOING FOR IT - ALL THE WAY!


I've told you all before I have huge personal and professional goals. Yet I also do NOT believe there is a finish line. If there is a finish line then count me as already bored.


I'm tired of being on the level I am today. Time to level up - and I mean WAY UP! There is nothing to hold me back in my life but me and my excuses, and believe me I can pull an excuse out of thin air faster than any of you. So, what do I do to get my mind and my life focused and moving towards my amazing future and shed this boatload of personal B.S.?:


1. DEFINE MY GOALS with specificity, reason, and answering the question WHY??



2. RECOGNIZE what self limiting beliefs and obstacles I have placed on my own path and OWN THEM. RECOGNIZE that I too often make decisions based on what OTHERS want from me; not decisions based on what serves me and my best self. And many of the obstacles I must admit I have put there myself. Things that I want that I know I can't have or that aren't good for me but my passion for them fights me to keep them in my "want" column despite the fact they need to GO!


3. SET MY MIND on how to actually do it... STRATEGY! Who and what can I pull from so I don't have to always re-invent the wheel and what specific steps do I need to take, what actions need to be put in place to get there, AND, what ATTITUDES and DOUBTS do I need to eradicate from my headspace. By now in this life's journey I should have NO DOUBT of what I am capable of. I'm going to rock this and I know I have nothing and no one who can stop me but MYSELF - the worst enemy I have in my life when it comes to trying to knock down the walls.


4. SURROUND MYSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED WARRIORS - I can count on one hand the number of people in my life who I attach this title to. They influence me, they challenge me, they frustrate me, they kick my butt, they don't let me make excuses and they know me. FIND THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE! Not the pansies who tell you what you want to hear. Not the positive lovelies who are afraid to speak truth to your weaknesses. NOT the guilt mongers who think you should behave, speak, or live according to their definitions of good or right...GET REAL PEOPLE in your life. #notashamed #befree #levelup #nofinishlines #beautyinstrength #strongissexy #moxie #mettle #workingforstrong #kempfitness #healthybodyhealthymind #investinyou #transform #ptsuzannekemp #personaltrainer #suzannekemp

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