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Pour Out...

If I could accomplish anything in my career it would be to demolish the false assumptions and self-defeating lies we all at times believe about our abilities to accomplish hard tasks, seemingly impossible goals, or overcome terrifying obstacles that may face us every morning when we open our eyes.


There are so many lost, depressed, defeated people out there I want to reach with the message that they ARE enough. You CAN do hard things. Why NOT you? There is so much beauty in becoming strong in body and mind and defeating the inner voices that excoriate you.


So many thoughts go through my mind each evening as my day winds down and I sit here to write. Whether it's my fitness blog, the novel I am working on, or just random social media posts, I find my mind racing in a thousand different directions.


But what I end up with at the end of each day when I turn off the computer, or close my personal journal is this: what have I done today, what can I do tomorrow to add value - real, observable, life-changing value, to other people's lives? How can I help them find their strength and the beauty that lies within them that they have quenched with self-hatred and criticism.


I have accepted responsibility and forgiven myself for the choices, situations, and distractions I have allowed in my life that have not served me or others well. Now I strive to take the experiences in my past and use them to help others who may need a guide, a helper, an encourager, as they are navigating some of the same paths I may have once traveled.


At the end of each day I want to lay my head down knowing that because of my heart and my passion, at least one person is re-evaluating their life and discovering how beautiful it really is.

LIVE WITH PASSION. Ignite your own fire and regardless of your current station in life...move forward with excitement and power. GO GET IT!!! Let nothing and no one hold you back. #lightyourfire #befree #fightforyou #nevernevernevergiveup #dontsettle #breathe #livewithpassion #dohardthings #canthurtme #loveeverymoment #lightitup #beautyinstrength #lovethehaters #nofear #ptsuzannekemp #suzannekemp #personaltrainer #inspire #encourage #mettle #moxie


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