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Fight The Battles...

Hump Day VIBES!! ! Here's to you my fellow warriors... be fierce today and let love and hope fill your world. The war rages on but everyday we win the battles that make us stronger to fight another day. Don't listen to the "I can't" to the "you can't" or to any of the other voices inside your mind that want to stop your beautiful fight forward.


So many times in life I've given up on my dream to train people, give them hope through physical and emotional strength, help them love the bodies they have and hope for what can be, only to end up back at the starting line to begin again to work towards what my heart was pulling me towards. I've gotten much further towards my goals now but I still have to move my mountain a little bit more every day.


The hard days of training body AND mind will arise. You will feel stuck, you will want to quit. DON'T! Embrace the uncomfortable; this is how you get stronger. Don't let the food control you; discipline your mind. Break through, commit, fight, and never expect ease if you are demanding satisfaction and transformation. #fightanotherday #healthybodyhealthymind #strongissexy #nevernevernevergiveup #lovetolift #lovetohit #liftHIITpunch #neversettle #mettle #moxie #ptwithSuzanne #SuzanneKemp

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