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My Personal Journey...small sneak peek with more to follow #2019mine

Mountain tops and valley floors...  crawling up out of dark places and finding peace, joy, and pure excitement in some of the most unexpected people and places.  I've been removing toxic out of my life and I am gaining so much healthy.

Lifting the iron, hitting the bag, setting and striving for some insane personal fitness goals has set my mental and emotional state in a locked, solid, strong space.

As we move into this new year I want to share my story, myself, my struggles with you all and I just hope it inspires you, motivates you, and keeps you falling forward...These past few months especially have brought me more joy, laughter, love, adventure, and pleasure than I could have ever believed was possible in my life.  My passion for fitness and for helping others on their journey through this life have been put in place, in process... I am doing my passion...


2019 is MY YEAR! I've already decided it, I've visualized it, I've prayed about it, I've determined it. How about you?

I cannot emphasize enough how much the physical demands I am putting on my body these days have re-shaped my mind, my attitude, my outlook. Yes I definitely still have days when I'm in the valley crawling my way out, but they have become minimal and I never stay there long. My goal is the mountain tops and conquering them all as each mountain is placed before me. The iron, the heavy bag, the ridiculous goals I've set, and the people I've surrounded myself with...they keep me focused, excited, determined, confident, and most importantly disciplined.

Don't doubt yourself...if I've reached this place, believe me, so can you. JUST REACH OUT! We ALL need help. I'll catch you and we can conquer TOGETHER!

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