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Modifications for Wrist Pain...

One of the most common complaints I hear from my training clients and friends in general is their inability to successfully execute push ups due to the pain in the wrist that this movement creates. This is one of the most informative and easy to understand posts I've come across so I wanted to share it with all of you.

Credit: @tony.comella

— 🤓The push up (and plank) requires about 90 degrees of wrist extension. If we are limited with this motion or an injury has made it unrealistic to tolerate the position, we have a couple options. We can stop doing the activity or we can modify. I am an advocate of modifying an activity for the individual, especially if such activity is meaningful to them. The push up/plank can be modified multiple ways, allowing one to potentially tolerate, or work around pain temporally (with ultimate goal of resuming normal standards). — 🔹Plate: hanging the fingers off a plate will put less tension in the forearm flexors, thus potentially allowing the wrist to be more comfortable in the extended position. . 🔹Barbell: we can perform these with either wrist extended or neutral (picture shows extended). The position can take the forearm flexors off tension, or place wrist in neutral. The barbell is just another modality to consider. . 🔹Dumbbells: by moving the wrist into a more neutral position, it is typically more tolerated. The dumbbells also allow one to play with various angles. (If you are performing on fists, this is good alternative). . 🔹Towel: if you lack gym equipment, here is a simple solution. A towel placed under the heel of the hand will minimize wrist extension. Alternatively, you can also use it as similar set up to the plate. — 🤔The expectation is that pain, injuries, and/or discomfort are a normal part of life. It doesn’t mean we need to stop doing the activity we love, it just means we may need to modify it temporarily and/or provide a different stress.

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