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You and I... let's just kick ass this year and beyond. It's not a resolution, it's a pledge, to ourselves, from this day forward. We make promises and resolutions every year to everyone else and now it's time to honor our own journey, our own life, our own goals, our own beautiful selves!

It's not selfish. Not in the least. For without your internal, self-work you aren't any good to anyone else anyway...

We all have mountains to climb, obstacles to conquer. As I look up at this beautiful mountain of 2019 in front of me I am blessed beyond measure to have no doubts about reaching that pinnacle. The crazy, challenging personal and professional goals I have set for myself for this year and beyond, and the obstacles I look forward to conquering each day are my motivation and my competition...I WILL win.

I have surrounded myself with the necessary people. People who will challenge me, fight for me, keep me moving forward. Surround yourself with those people. You can't do it alone. Find the right ones. The ones who won't let you quit and the ones who will push you forward and not let you stagnate. Get passionate!

The mettle, the moxie, the it what you want but find it within yourself and GO!

You'll spend the rest of your life thinking about it, just DO it!

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