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Mascara, Muscles, and Mirrors...

"Gym Time" does not mean "Social Hour", at least in my reality and in the reality of the majority of health-minded people spending their valuable time at the gym. When you are first getting started on discovering your "yellow brick road" to health and fitness please do not be intimidated by the people in the gym who spend more time on their morning makeup routine prior to working out or to those who spend more time watching themselves strut by the mirrors in the free weight section...sad but true, it happens, daily.

They may have the physique you dream of or the strength you someday wish to acquire, but you need to focus on YOUR mind and YOUR body. I have heard it over and over again from people who "hate" the gym. They make the leap to set hard goals, challenge themselves mentally and physically to "get started, get healthy, workout, lose weight" only to show up at the gym and be completely overwhelmed because of either what they see or what they don't see, or the way they allow the attitudes or actions of others get inside their head.

You are in this for you, for your health. Set your goals, challenge yourself, make the moves, crush the goals, and then make new ones. You CAN do it, don't let those outside of yourself distract you from your finish line. Take the steps you need to move forward in getting healthy, the other people working out at the gym should illuminate your goals, encourage your new lifestyle, challenge you to do better, NOT make you focus on your lack of mascara or whether or not your tricep muscles look good when you flex them in the mirror. #healthymindhealthybody #ptwithSuzanne #SuzanneKemp #move #strongissexy #musclesinmotion #lovetolift #muscleMonday

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