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Live Your Best Life...Find Your Tribe...

Understand this: lifting the iron, punching the bag, or any of the other physically demanding things you choose to do to get strong is only one part of an essential principle in becoming your best self. Have you set your mind, defined your "why?", created your plan on how to move your mountains - physical, mental, and emotional?


Are you attempting this by yourself...?


Surround yourself with people who desire your success and satisfaction as much as you do. The ones, who even if they are not physically there on your day to day journey, are the ones uplifting you, encouraging you, loving you, and enjoying you. The ones who will fight with you when you are at your lowest and dance with you when you are at your highest.


SHOUT OUT TO THE BEST...I am feeling so tremendously blessed in my life and I just wanted to share with all of you why and encourage and appeal to all of you to gather YOUR tribe and hold them close. My tribe knows who they are and I am beyond grateful and blessed because of them.

Many of them I have only met or gotten to know better this past year, and those, along with some I've had for years, are the real people. Not the ones who stick with you when you are "doing the right things", "believing their version of Truth", or "checking the proper boxes".


I have overcome some dismal personal obstacles these past 2 years and I could never have done it without the friends and family I hold in my heart and choose to live this best life with.


So much judgment comes along with big life changes and I've lost quite a few people I never dreamed would walk. But these others I've gathered have lifted me higher and held me up with the strongest arms and hearts I could imagine... FIND YOUR TRIBE.

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