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Invest In Others; Live Your Passion...

Personal training... Why do I have such a passion for this?  Because of days like today and these amazing human beings who come in for my help to change not just their physical shape but their futures, their health, their lives, and the lives of their families.  These people who come to me for help are many times intimidated, scared, depressed, abused, and very unhealthy.


Imagine needing to lose 120 pounds, you are a single dad raising two daughters and not knowing where to start and having NO support system. pick up the phone and set that appointment. THAT is where change begins!! Those first steps to just get yourself into the gym, to meet with a personal trainer - I am a PERSONAL trainer for a reason. No two clients are the same. No two hearts, no two bodies will need the same workout, meal plan, motivation, support, encouragement.


He is doing this for himself, to be stronger, happier, healthier, and also for his daughters. He wants to make them proud of their dad. This is where my passion lies. Helping these people. Whether its weight loss, weight gain, strength and power increase, overall health and wellness, mobility, or disease prevention. Being able to spend my time with these people and walk with them through their hurts, difficulties, challenges, heartaches, or maybe just their tough workouts, is why I am a personal trainer. Changing lives one person, one workout, one conversation, one hug at a time... #humbled #grateful #liveyourpassion #changelives #slowandsteady #ptwithSuzanne #personaltrainer #suzannekemp

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