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Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset...

Mindset... where's yours? Are you stuck in a rut, are you so "busy" that you have no space to work on yourself - physically or mentally?

Growth and discipline can be our enemies or they can be our best friends. Either way they will direct your life so make sure you choose what path you are headed down. Growth in a damaging direction and lack of discipline will create a life of havoc. We are the defenders of our lives, our future, and our hearts. Do not let yourself or anyone else steal your light, weaken your resolve, or diminish your worth. Face your enemies and your challenges head on and let them test you, let them challenge you but don't ever give up.

We make a choice every day whether to hit the snooze button or start the day with set intentions and the effort and discipline to get up and make it the best day yet. It doesn't just happen. Grow, challenge your body and your mind. Don't remain stuck. Strengthen your resolve and stop with the excuses...they keep you fixed, they do not help you grow. Just do it... DO IT!

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