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Find Your Melody...

My hope for you as this week comes to an end is that whatever your challenges, whatever your heartaches, whatever your accomplishments, and victories, that you find beauty and courage in the strength it took to move you here.


Our journeys can take us to unexpected and amazing places if we maneuver courageously through the haze that wants to discourage and defeat us.


I hope each day brought you closer to your goals. We learn something new everyday about ourselves if we take the time to be silent, reflect, and seek to understand ourselves first.


What makes you feel alive, truly alive? What do your heart and mind seek when you are alone in a quiet space. Take time for self discovery and don't depend on another person to assign your passions to you. Search for what makes you thrive and find out what causes you to stumble. Break free from what pulls you down or what stops your progress. We cannot truly feel empowered until we understand that this journey is ours alone to walk. Each person has their own; and although many times our journeys may intersect intimately, we are ultimately responsible to find the melody that is ours alone to carry.

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