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Day 1: Be Where You Are...NOW

Be where you are, enjoy the process of becoming completely undone, and fall in love with who you are. Don't live in your past, don't skip past your present... BE in the moment, every moment, every conversation, every song, every heartbeat, every heartbreak.

The absolute hardest part of this journey of mine to inspire, encourage, motivate, and help others in their health and fitness goals is to put myself out there... people can be cruel, judgmental, rude, and creepy. The world will bring you to your knees; rise and smile and inhale each bitter moment, those hurtful words, those judgmental looks, and build your momentum with them...

Today marks the first day of focused training for my own personal health and fitness goals where I chart my progress, count the calories, report to my accountability coach (aka MY personal trainer AND all of you!) and start this journey with no more excuses. Lifting the iron, eating the food, counting the calories, punching the bags and hitting the interval training... all for greater physical and mental health, energy, vitality, strength and oh yes the confidence that comes with all of that.

My hope and my heart in this is not only to transform myself but to inspire, encourage, and give you hope that as you follow my journey you start your own journey as well. Confront your mountain and make a plan to move it... and then EXECUTE!!!

Find your WHY. Let's do this together...Let's GO!! #lifetransformed #onelife #dohardthings #ptwithSuzanne #girlswholift #girlsofiron #healthybodyhealthymind #strongissexy #pushharder #pathofmostresistance #mettle #moxie #loveyourhaters #momentum #SuzanneKemp

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