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Create, Contribute, Dream - NEVER Settle...

Have you settled for a life you are deceptively comfortable with because you have given up on a dream and have accepted mediocre, average, better than some?


Have you decided to stop fighting for your dreams because society or someone in your life has told you to just be grateful for what you have and not be greedy or want more, want better, want what you've always dreamed your life could be?


Have you decided the security in the prudent and tedious is worth giving up on the sublime?


Have you arrived at your stopping point, where you will stay until you are finished, or have you just settled and decided that settling is better than the unknown that risk taking writes on our hearts and on our minds?


Only you can answer that for yourself. Only you can determine if NOT pursuing your dreams is something you can sleep with at the end of the day. I decided that my dreams will no longer be wishes that I keep on a shelf; my dreams are palpable and I'm going after them ferociously every day.

. Taking chances is scary and I have many fearful moments; but I wipe the dirt off my knees and stand up again. I've changed my mindset and rid myself of can't, of what society and so many people in my life have discounted or judged ignorantly. My mindset and my unwavering will to attain my dreams eliminates the fear. I have a multifaceted life and I will never stop or SETTLE for anything that doesn't align with this crushing internal driving force to create and contribute. I am always balancing and tailoring myself into who I need to be at any given moment; a mother, entrepreneur, and now, an athlete. PLEASE don't settle. To settle is to be selfish... this world needs us to be relentless in the pursuit of our passions. #bereal #dontsettle #mutethejudgments #befree #ownyourlife #dreamsarereality #goals #beresourceful #constantpursuit #createandcontribute #giveback #nofear #release #ptsuzannekemp #suzannekemp

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