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Choose AUDACITY...Every Single Time...

So I have been in Seattle all week on a much needed getaway with my son. It is amazing to me how every time I unplug and focus on the most important things in life - my children, how my perspective on everything changes.


I am so blessed to be in a place in my life where I am able to sit down with my son and my daughter and really hear what they have to say and focus on the amazing human beings they have become. I am so proud of them. This re-focused career of fitness and health (mind and body) has indeed changed everything in my life. My perspective and daily disciplined MINDSET comes from a place of present and forward thinking, no longer what the past may or may not have done for or to me.


I have amazing memories and I cherish them. But each day I am learning to keep them there, in the past. The negative memories I am choosing to accept and learn from and forgive. The joy of my past I keep in my heart everyday as encouragement and a source of hope. My present and future light my fire every morning. I am so blessed, so excited, and so encouraged by what lies ahead. The known and the unknown.


Please don't let what your past has dealt you, what you've accepted as your truth (when it may not be truth), EVER slow you down or stop you or discourage you. I can tell you, and I hope encourage you, that whatever you desire, whatever your focus, whatever your true loves - be it people or places or experiences, are in your life for a beautiful reason. Just don't give up and DO NOT let the naysayers, the haters, the doubters, or the jealous people who are in your life, for one second hold you back. GO FOR IT! If you don't, no one will do it for you. Don't stay stuck...get up, go, move forward, forgive yourself and the others and trust yourself. It has been TERRIFYING for me at times and I have cried a million tears. But always remember... life is a journey with NO end. You have no destination in this life but your next step. Choose wisely, love hard, grind it out, and believe in YOUR dreams. Your children and other loved ones (including yourself) who you want the absolute best for are watching your life...don't choose mediocre or self-pity, choose power, and yes...AUDACITY!

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