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Battles Won...One Day at a Time...

Find your what, find your why - define it, live it, breathe it and KEEP GOING! It IS worth it and the internal voices that are wearing you down know it too. Self sabotage is "a thing" and I struggle with it many mornings when the air is cold, the snow is falling, and my down comforter is a lot more attractive than the world outside.

I've been thinking about this phenomenon of self sabotage a lot these past few months as my battle forward hits the walls of self doubt and naysayers and I have to find the resolve to scale it, relentlessly. It's real, it's hard, and it can be consuming...if I let it.

It is a daily exercise of discipline, self-talk, visualization, and honestly just getting fed up enough with myself to throw that comforter off and focus on making my reality happen.

I see my future clearly, I know what I want, why I want it, and how to achieve it...You should and you CAN too. We just need to keep the doubt and distractions at bay. It's a daily battle that empowers, excites, and emboldens. The days I conquer give me the nights where I lay down to sleep victoriously re-living the battle won.

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