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Dismantling Walls...

Do we strive so hard for acceptance and approval that we have lost our authenticity? Our true self, our inner warrior, our inner champion, our "this is who I am whether you like it or not"?


Our society is so shallow these days and our social media habits confirm that.


Are we finding our value in the number of "likes", or hearts we receive or comments or shares? I think in many ways we do.


Where does this leave us in knowing the real people? The people who's lives we can and should add value to? Where is the authenticity; do we even know what that is anymore?


It's a scary, uncomfortable, unnerving feeling sometimes, letting ourselves be vulnerable enough to the world to allow them to see our true selves. I don't know what the answer is but I do know that this current path on my journey has reared its head and shown me beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's time for me to get real, in some painful ways, with who I am, who I want to be, and the authentic me that I need to share with the world.


So as we step into this new week I encourage each of you to join me and take down the tender walls that disguise themselves as a safeguard and pour yourself into your life and the lives of others. Not with fear and trembling, but with courage and the knowledge that if we are not living authentically, we are wasting minutes, hours, days, years of our lives in a state that will certainly haunt us one day... EMBRACE the beauty of who you are, scars and all. Take down the walls, feel the pain, explore it, understand it, learn from it, and share it...YOU ARE NOT ALONE...I'm right here with you dismantling mine as well... #authenticity #beauthentic #liveauthentically #beyou #bereal #takethewallsdown #nofear #canthurtme #livefree #befree #healthybodyhealthymind #embracejudgment #addvalue #ptsuzannekemp #suzannekemp #personaltrainer

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