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Allow the Injuries to Build You, Not Break You...

NOT what I wanted; but now my reality. So...what now? I have been fighting against a lower back/hip issue for weeks now. I have finally accepted the reality that I have no choice but to heal before I push any harder if I'm going to transform my legs and lower body into the picture I have painted in my head. This was NOT on my training schedule...

So I could have, and part of me wanted to, feel sorry for myself. But instead, I knocked those feelings OUT! It sucks, but I know the transformation process has its ups and downs. We all have to deal with setbacks; so instead of dwelling on my temporary inability to train hard on my lower body I am regarding this setback as a blessing. I am using this as a time to work on my upper body strength, core strength and mind strength. The focus must change and that's a good thing. If we can't adapt to our circumstances and see them as places to grow, mentally and physically, then we will easily give in to defeat and give up on our goals.

No matter what your circumstance in life, make every day count. Whether it's a giant leap or baby steps JUST KEEP MOVING forward! Transformation comes with discipline, consistency, dedication, grit, and oh yes sometimes patience. So let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves, telling ourselves it's "okay" to give up, being soft, and rewarding ourselves when we don't deserve it. Work hard, push through disappointments, expect more from yourself. Call on that warrior inside and challenge them to greater things!!! #nevergiveup #warriorinside #transformationwillcome #ptwithsuzanne #healthybodyhealthymind #girlswholift #girlswhohit #HIITliftpunch #strongissexy #mettle #moxie #SuzanneKemp

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