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A Little Peek Into MY WHY...

I've said it before: WHAT IS YOUR WHY?


Why are you doing what you're doing? Why do you have the goal(s) you have and what plan have you put in place to reach that goal? What are the benefits of achieving your goal? Who else does this impact and who else can this serve? What are the consequences of NOT following through...


In lieu of me going on and on about you finding YOUR why...I thought I would share mine. MY WHY is twofold. First, foremost and ALWAYS, my why is my children. I want them to know and understand that you can rise when you fall. That you can change your life and improve yourself after difficult situations turn your world upside down. I want them to understand my mantra of "healthy body - healthy mind". I want them to be proud of their mom and see that she didn't quit, even when every fiber of her being told her she couldn't/can't do it. I want them to see faith in action and I want them to know that despite the many judgmental people that have aligned themselves against her, those people's doubts, discouragement, and stigmas didn't stop her.

The other half of MY WHY is myself. I have allowed everyone and everything outside of myself define who I was, who I am, for my whole life. No longer. I have changed so much over this past year and healed from so many painful experiences and toxic people. There is still a long way to go. The physical transformation I am pushing myself to satisfy is a daunting challenge but I will make it. The mental and emotional grit that this physical challenge requires helps calm and heal my heart and my mind.

Don't let anyone tell you that your goals are not achievable, or that they are futile or naive.

You do this for YOU!!! For your WHY. Do not let the assumptions of others about your character, their judgments about your actions, or their gossip about your life that they no nothing about impress upon your identity. Do YOU, for YOU, for your WHY... #mettle #moxie #grit #healthybodyhealthymind #ptwithSuzanne #girlswholift #girlswhohit #HIITliftpunch #strongissexy #transformation #grace #SuzanneKemp #keepyourheadup


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