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January 20th...DON'T QUIT!!!

My hope, as I share my journey with you, is to instill confidence into each of you who are starting their fitness journey to heal, strengthen, and challenge their own status quo for their body and their mind.


Having doubts every now and then is part of the process. It's inevitable. Just don't stay there and definitely don't quit. Recognize it for what it is: another hurdle in your journey towards moving your mountains. That hurdle will make you stronger and the next one you encounter will be easier to eliminate.

You will have setbacks; but the beauty in that lies within the power you gain when you grind through the doubt and frustration with yourself and get back on track. Enjoy every part of your journey and don't seek to find a destination. The magic lies in the journey itself and when you see it as endless you will never limit yourself to what is possible when you turn that next corner... #trusttheprocess #nolimitsonyou #grind #mettle #moxie #ptwithSuzanne #SuzanneKemp #healthybodyhealthymind #strongissexy #youareyouronlylimitation #youvsyou #mevsme #crushyourgoals

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